Big Flavor, Small Package

Let’s be honest. The ho hum condiment choices of yesteryear are now pretty much passé. Gone are the days of limited offerings. Today’s consumers want it all: they want big FLAVOR, they want BOLD choices, and they want NEW tastes to satisfy their increasingly discriminating cravings. 

But that’s not all. They also want their add-ons to have less add-ins like fat, sodium and artificial ingredients. Are they asking too much? No way. Our Better-For-You line of on-trend dipping sauces ticks off every “better for you” box on today’s consumer want list.

They are low in sodium and gluten-free, with no trans-fat, no artificial colors or flavors, no high fructose corn syrup and no added MSG. Our line of portion control cups and packets were even designed to meet stringent K-12 menu requirements.

But let’s get back to the crux of the matter. Flavor. It must be there, or consumers won’t choose it no matter how good it is for you. When it comes to the yum factor, we’ve definitely got you covered.

How about offering The Dynamite Cup for everything from Tex-Mex to chicken to sweet potato fries? Try Sweet Chili Sauce with Asian inspired dishes or veggie wraps that are bursting with flavor. What about a Honey Mustard and warm pretzel duo? Whatever you serve, we can pair it with the perfect sauce that your customers will not only crave, but go out of their way to get.

We know that health conscious consumers will often forego a condiment they perceive as unhealthy. But they welcome with open arms those sauces that are both good tasting and good for them. In fact, that’s what today’s consumers demand. Fortunately, with our Better-For-You line, you can give them exactly what they are looking for.

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