Pad See Ew

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Pad See Ew Download Recipe as PDF Serving Size 8 Servings  Ingredients Asian Rice Noodles, dried, flat wide  Peanut, or vegetable oil  Beef, Pork or Chicken  Broccoli  Garlic, fresh, chopped  Eggs, scrambled  Chef’s Companion Brown Gravy, prepared  Low-sodium soy with 1/2 c brown sugar  Fish Sauce  Brown Sugar  Sriracha  Measurement 1 lb 2 Tbsp  2.5 […]

Let’s Eat Out Tonight…At Home

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Let’s Eat Out Tonight…At Home Why is the meal kit (or prepared food kit) industry experiencing such explosive growth? Why are so many companies entering this market with growing success? The lifestyle of today’s consumer make meal kits a natural. Of course convenience is a big factor. And, even if the meal is a little […]

Big Flavor, Small Package

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Big Flavor, Small Package Let’s be honest. The ho hum condiment choices of yesteryear are now pretty much passé. Gone are the days of limited offerings. Today’s consumers want it all: they want big FLAVOR, they want BOLD choices, and they want NEW tastes to satisfy their increasingly discriminating cravings.  But that’s not all. They […]

Your Slice of the Pumpkin Spice Pie

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Your Slice of the Pumpkin Spice Pie Have you secretly been waiting for “it” for months? As summer rounded the corner into Autumn, the smell of “it” wafts through the air as assuredly as the Autumn leaves that seem to usher it in. “It,” of course, is pumpkin time! Oh yeah. It’s not just children […]

Lemon Aid for the Lemon Shortage

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Lemon Aid for the Lemon Shortage It’s not very sweet news for lemon lovers out there. In fact, the news is rather sour. With the increase in hot temperatures this past spring, California is suffering a major drop in lemon production. What makes matters worse is that lighter-than-anticipated imports aren’t making up the difference from the […]

More Cheese Please

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More Cheese Please Americans have a long-standing love affair with cheese. Whether you go for Gouda or Gruyere, there are over 1,800 cheeses to choose from. So, it’s no surprise, we eat 23 pounds of the delicious, ooey-gooey stuff each year. People often say, “extra cheese please” on a variety of their favorites, from baked […]

Pizza’s Finest Hour

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Pizza’s Finest Hour It’s 6:00PM and your regulars are running late from work…again. They need to feed their family and want to be sure that their hard-earned money will be well spent. They’re looking for something that will please everyone, has fresh ingredients and can fill their family’s bellies fast. They need pizza! After all, out […]

Hop On the Gravy Train

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Hop On the Gravy Train What do Thai Peanut Satay, Guinness Beef Stew and the yummiest mashed potatoes you’ve ever tasted have in common? Gravy. Traditionally, gravy is made from meat drippings that occur naturally during the cooking process and then get mixed with thickening agents like flour or cornstarch. But, depending on the usage, additional ingredients like […]

Squeeze the Day

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Squeeze the Day Most of us in the Foodservice Industry say it’s a small world. At one time or another we will cross paths, swap a story or two and then continue doing what we do best – create meal experiences designed to wow our customers. It can have its tough moments, though. Sometimes the […]

Herb Appeal

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Herb Appeal With the first signs of Spring also come the first signs of outdoor dining. Consumers emerge from winter hibernation and sip raspberry iced tea in casual, umbrella lined bistros while they nibble on shareable appetizers with friends. They opt for menu items that call out fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs and are enticed […]