Hop On the Gravy Train

What do Thai Peanut Satay, Guinness Beef Stew and the yummiest mashed potatoes you’ve ever tasted have in common? Gravy.

Traditionally, gravy is made from meat drippings that occur naturally during the cooking process and then get mixed with thickening agents like flour or cornstarch. But, depending on the usage, additional ingredients like roasted vegetables, milk or even chili sauce and orange marmalade can transform a gravy base into a sauce with enormous versatility which can be used across multiple applications.

And, as cuisines around the world continue to make their way onto American menus, gravy is often the sauce that binds it all together. After all, some of the most well known global grub is served with gravy.

For instance, appetizers like French Fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy make Poutine an exciting sharable starter borrowed from our friends in Canada. Asian noodle bowls that combine lean meats, fresh veggies and gravy have become a high appeal entrée. And, Chicken Tikka Masala in its tomato-based gravy with cream and Indian spices is a hearty meal second to naan.

In the United States, it’s no surprise that potatoes rank number #1 as the top paired item with gravy (27.3%)[1]. From Southern Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy to Chicken Pot Pie with potato, carrots and celery bubbling beneath a golden crust, Americans love their gravy-based comfort foods.

Gravy doesn’t regulate itself to only afternoon and evening dayparts. Breakfast bowls are also jumping in the gravy boat with dishes that layer eggs, shredded cheese, sausage and gravy all in one serving vessel. And, flaky biscuits are often smothered with gravy as part of a breakfast platter. In fact, colleges & universities are experiencing 20% growth in biscuits and gravy according to Technomic’s College & University Trend Report, 2017.

With our full line of instant gravy mixes including chicken, beef, brown and country, you can get the homemade pan drip taste without all the effort. So, with all these possibilities to utilize gravy across your menu, isn’t it time you hopped on the gravy train?

[1] Technomic Menu Monitor, October 2017

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