Let’s Eat Out Tonight…At Home

Why is the meal kit (or prepared food kit) industry experiencing such explosive growth? Why are so many companies entering this market with growing success? The lifestyle of today’s consumer make meal kits a natural. Of course convenience is a big factor. And, even if the meal is a little pricier it is completely justified by the consumer because of the ease of mind they experience. They can eat delicious food right at home without extensive food prep and shopping. Plus, they can try new flavors without investing in exotic ingredients they may never use again.

According to L.E.K.’s 2016 Millennial Retail and Travel Survey, 11% of millennials report eating a meal from a meal kit company more than once a week. They realize it makes at-home cooking attainable with minimal ingredient waste. Also, part of the meal kit value proposition is portion control.

Portion control. We’ve got you covered there. Meal kits often include pre-portioned sauces and blended spice mixes ranging in nutrition from indulgent to specific dietary requirements. Diamond Crystal Brands portion control capabilities, flexibility and ability to accommodate lower order minimums align well with the growing demands for portion-controlled ingredients needed by meal-kit providers nationally.

For over fifty years we have led the food service industry with culinary expertise in enhancing food to satisfy the latest cravings. As we see it, meal kits are one of those cravings with no end in sight. From portion-controlled condiments and dry mixes to nationally recognized brands we have the products to add variety and excitement to any meal kit menu.

A lot has changed since we started in 1966. Something that hasn’t is our reputation for consistent quality, service, flexibility and innovation. So now, what do we say if the consumer wants to eat dinner out tonight at home? We say YES! We’ll take an invitation to that dinner every time. Bon Appetit!

Are you a meal kit provider looking for an ingredient partner to bring your creations to life?

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