More Cheese Please

Americans have a long-standing love affair with cheese. Whether you go for Gouda or Gruyere, there are over 1,800 cheeses to choose from. So, it’s no surprise, we eat 23 pounds of the delicious, ooey-gooey stuff each year.

People often say, “extra cheese please” on a variety of their favorites, from baked potatoes to pizza to pasta. Even Mac ‘n Cheese is most often judged on how “cheesy” it is. So, shouldn’t it really be called Cheese ‘n Mac?

Considering Mac and Cheese…think about how many choices can be imagined with very little additional effort. The answer: endless.

Our cheese sauce mix is the versatile foundation ingredient that can really gain you an edge over the competition. Turning Mac ‘n Cheese into Buffalo Mac and Cheese is a snap; so is adding jalapenos to amp up the heat or topping with blue cheese and bacon. Variations are limitless.

Need inspiration? Watch our short video on cheese sauce to get your creative juices flowing.

Of course, there is more to your menu than the addictive dish of Mac ‘n Cheese. And, our versatile Chef’s Companion™ cheese sauce mix is up to the challenge.

Using it as a starter, a roasted vegetable soup becomes a cheesy vegetable soup. Plain salsa becomes a delectable dipper with added cheese sauce. A layered breakfast bowl is amped up with cheese sauce ladled on top. And how about those plain fries? Cheese sauce is starting to make ketchup jealous.

Where will you start? Great flavor is the top priority, with appealing appearance a close second. You want a robust cheesy flavor that tastes scratch made. How about thickness? Not too thick and not too thin, one that covers a ladle with perfect glossy smoothness. Since enhancing your menu with cheese is a no brainer recipe for success, let’s get cookin’.

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