Diamond Crystal Brands Announces Launch of Nonfat Dry Milk to Assist FEMA in Providing Family Meals

It’s real milk ready when you need it

Savannah, GA – (August 10, 2020) – Diamond Crystal Brands® offers three new convenient nonfat dry milk (NFDM) products under the Single Serv® and Chef’s Companion® brands. They are instant mixes made by reconstituting the powder with water dissolving easily to create a rich creamy beverage.

Single Serv Nonfat Dry Milk 200/0.8 oz – each 0.8 oz bag mixes with one cup of water.

Chef’s Companion Nonfat Dry Milk 8/3.2 oz oz – each 3.2 oz bag mixes with one quart of water.

Chef’s Companion Nonfat Dry Milk 8/12.8 oz oz – each 12.8 oz bag mixes with one gallon of water.

These unsweetened, low-heat, nonfat dry milk products, also known as skim milk powder, are fortified with vitamins A and D and contain concentrated protein and calcium for nutritional benefits. Each 8 fluid ounces provides 8 grams of protein.

Nonfat dry milk has increased shelf life over liquid milk, which make it an essential item to add to emergency food supplies. No refrigeration required for storage and shelf stable for up to 18 months.

“The functional benefits offered by nonfat dry milk in the food and beverage industry is a key factor that has driven growth,” said Steve Cohn, Director of Marketing, Diamond Crystal Brands. “The increased shelf life and ease of transportation and storage of nonfat dry milk over liquid milk makes these products a must have in preparation for natural disasters and during the pandemic.”

It tastes delicious, is very economical and has many uses. Pour over cereal. Serve as a drink. Add nutrition to fruit smoothies and protein to shakes. And each bag includes a scannable UPC barcode for individual sale.

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About Diamond Crystal Brands

Diamond Crystal Brands is a privately held industry leader in food, beverage and portion control packaging solutions in foodservice. Based in historic Savannah, GA, Diamond Crystal Brands is a premier company specializing in right-size packaging, wet and dry-blended products and custom printing. Their product portfolio includes brands such as Single Serv, Chef’s Companion and Flavor Fresh as well as licensed properties. Diamond Crystal Brands is known for consistent quality, service, flexibility and innovation. For information about Diamond Crystal Brand, visit www.dcbrands.com.

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