DYMA Brands Announces Multimillion-Dollar Investment in Manufacturing Equipment, Expanding into New Capabilities within Product Lines

Increases capacity and enhances customizability in the manufacturing of liquid portion control

DYMA Brands (“DYMA” or the “Company”), an industry leader in foodservice innovation and manufacturing, today announced multimillion-dollar investments in manufacturing capabilities at the Company’s Bremen, Georgia and Visalia, California facilities. The investments expand DYMA’s production capabilities within its product lines, specifically in dipping sauce cups and jelly cups, and are further evidence of DYMA’s leadership and innovation in the foodservice industry.

These new capabilities will enable DYMA to enhance its existing dipping cup products and significantly expand its round cup dipping sauce line, a category that is seeing growing consumer preference. 1 The technological advancements, which include automation capabilities and a human machine interface, will result in more efficient production of the cups, greater consistency in quality, production flexibility, and increased capacity that will enable the Company to launch customized products in a shorter period of time.

In addition, the Company is introducing new equipment used to produce single-serve jelly cups, increasing production efficiencies and enabling more operators to serve customers who eat on-the-go. The equipment will be fully automated throughout the entire manufacturing process, eliminating any manual inputs and marking a significant improvement from previous processes. Importantly, the Company expects the new equipment to improve yield and throughput, while further bolstering its supply chain.

Matt Savage, Chief Operating Officer of DYMA, said, “The investments we are making in new, best-in-class technologies strengthen our position as a leading foodservice provider and further enhances our value proposition to our customers. Today, DYMA’s cups and pouches are widely used by top US food distributors and suppliers, as well as by well-loved, established brands, such as Welch’s. This most recent investment in our equipment assets is evidence of our continued commitment to developing unique, best-in-class products, so our customers can stay ahead of the evolving demands of consumers.”

The Company expects its additional investments in equipment assets to take place by the first quarter of 2024.

About DYMA Brands

Based in Atlanta, GA, DYMA Brands is a leader in liquid portion control and bulk condiments, seasonings and dry blend mixes, and custom printing to the foodservice industry. Their product portfolio includes brands such as Chef’s Companion and Flavor Fresh, as well as licensed properties. DYMA Brands is known for consistent quality, service, flexibility and innovation.

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Source: Research conducted by third-party foodservice industry research firm Technomic

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