Squeeze the Day

Most of us in the Foodservice Industry say it’s a small world. At one time or another we will cross paths, swap a story or two and then continue doing what we do best – create meal experiences designed to wow our customers. It can have its tough moments, though. Sometimes the hours are long and the list of responsibilities even longer.

The average day is filled with stacks of paperwork that range from rebates to resumes to recipes. There are hundreds of decisions to be made and thousands of choices. We must stay on top of the latest trends while simultaneously scrutinizing food costs whilst challenging ourselves to maintain the highest standards of quality.

With so much on our plates, the last thing we need to worry about is unintentionally serving up pathogenic microbes to our guests. While most of us go to great lengths to inform patrons of potential allergens and have procedures in place to be sure there aren’t cross-contamination issues back of house, there are studies that show it can still happen despite our best efforts.

For one study published in the Journal of Environmental Health, researchers visited 21 different restaurants and swabbed the lemon slices placed in their drinks. They found that almost 70 percent of the samples produced some sort of microbial growth, including 25 different microbial species.

Since about two in five operators report that more of their customers are asking for complimentary water, and roughly one-quarter of adult Americans drink iced tea every day, there are a lot of lemon or lime slices accompanying your customers’ favorite beverages. But, these slices of citrus can have the potential for unwanted bacteria, which is a problem for consumers who enjoy lemon wedges in their water or tea to enhance the flavor.

True Lemon® and True Lime® packets deliver the authentic, fresh-squeezed taste of lemon or lime and are made with simple and clean ingredients. Plus, it’s easy for your guest to use, there is no labor, the price per case is consistent and you don’t have to worry about spoilage with its long shelf life.

Having one less thing to worry about means you have more time to reconnect with a former colleague, train your new server, place an order, or have the opportunity to…well, squeeze the day.

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