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Your Slice of the Pumpkin Spice Pie

Have you secretly been waiting for “it” for months? As summer rounded the corner into Autumn, the smell of “it” wafts through the air as assuredly as the Autumn leaves that seem to usher it in. “It,” of course, is pumpkin time! Oh yeah. It’s not just children who delight in harvest time each year when orange is the best color and spice is the best add-on to the traditional flavor of pumpkin EVERTHING.

That must be why Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino continues to see growth and has experienced a 9.1% growth over last year.

Pumpkin season is both anticipated and expected, so take full advantage of it. One of the best ways to do that is to make your offering “limited time only”. When your customers can only get something once a year, they watch with anticipation for those gourd-laden signs to be posted, letting them know it is finally available. And then, it’s game on.

For the operator this is even more exciting than you might imagine. Here’s why: In 2017, consumers visited pumpkin spice latte establishments twice as many times as typical patrons and spent on average $3 more when purchasing the flavored lattes, according to NPD’s Checkout platform*.

Why not benefit from the high demand of a Pumpkin Spice beverage by expanding to include complementary offerings? Anything honoring the autumn season is probably foolproof. The consumer might have entered your establishment for a Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino, but they might also want to order a pumpkin bread pudding square or a cinnamon apple cheesecake bar.

What about additional drink offerings? Hot cocoa for the kids or other specialty drinks, like hot apple cider for non-pumpkin lovers, can provide great add-ons. It is easy to see how check averages could soar.

Consumers are eagerly anticipating all the tastes and smells of fall. The harvest season can go a long way when it comes to reaping your own slice of pumpkin spice sales.

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